International Visiting Fellow 3d Reconstruction, Planning, 3d Printing and Mixed Reality

Opportunity for Orthopaedic Surgeons or Residents to learn how to create 3d models from exams, manipulate and 3d-plan orthopaedic surgeries using free softwares, work directly with 3d printers (4 different models) and use Mixed Reality (Hololens) for medical applications

Cost: FREE

1 – 2 weeks

 Language: English / Portuguese

Housing, food, transport are individuals


– follow dr Bruno Gobbato (shoulder surgeon – 3d printer specialist) on his private practice clinic

– follow dr Henrique Lampert (spine surgeon – mixed reality specialist) on his private practice clinic

– auxiliar in orthopaedic surgeries using 3d printer models, guides and Mixed Reality

– personal workshop: transform ct scan into 3d editable files

– personal workshop: plan every surgery using free software

– personal workshop: 3d printing medical files

– personal workshop: principles of 3d printing, types of machines and basic repairs

– personal workshop: importing 3d files to mixed reality glasses (hololens) and principles of Unity coding for hololens


Jaraguá do Sul – Santa Catarina State – Brazil

It’s a medium south Brazilian city. It’s a very safe, European-like city.

– hospital and clinic is walking distance from hotels

Book for flights

– Near airports Joinville (JOI) or Navegantes (NVT)


Hotel Etalan

Hotel Mercure

Hotel Kayros

-Hotel Itajara


Dr Bruno Gobbato

Orthopedic Surgeon

Shoulder and Elbow Specialist

3D printer Specialist since 2014. Work directly with 3d printing and 3d planing surgeries

Experience :



Dr Henrique Lampert

Orthopedic Surgeon

Spine Specialist

Early Adopter of Hololens – Mixed Reality Glasses

Unity Coding for Medical Aplications